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Ruff and Tumbles håndklæde dækken

 Ruff And Tumble Drying Coats are made from high-quality, double thickness, cotton towelling and dry wet dogs in minutes! Modelled on the design of a horse blanket, the coats are very simple to put on and take off. Perfect for after wet walks, bathtimes, hydrotherapy, working etc.. No more wet/muddy shake off, no more back breaking drying of soggy dogs and no more old towels! In hot weather soak the inside of the Drying Coat in cold water to cool a hot pooch!

Ruff and Tumble Classic Collection: Our original and world famous double thickness cotton towelling drying coats. Available in Brick Red, Bottle Green, Sandringham Blue and Heather. 

Size    Topline    Weight Breeds
XXXS 19-22.5cm 1-3Kg Small Chihuahuas
XXS 22.5-28cm 3-5Kg Mini Yorkies, Miniature Pinschers
XS 28-36cm 5-8Kg Small Terriers, Toy Breeds
S 26-44cm 7-11Kg Most Terriers, Small Cocker Spaniels
M 44-51cm 11-16Kg Cocker Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, Whippets
ML 51-59cm 16-23Kg Springer Spaniels, Small Collies
L 59-66cm 23-29Kg Labradors, Small Retrievers, Boxers
XL 64-71cm 29-40Kg Large Labradors, Setters, Golden Retrievers
Brick Red er udsolgt i størrelse m
sandringham blue er udsolgt i størrelserne s, m og ml
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